The quaint side of IBIZA..!!

Bubble-soaked rave parties, blaring music festivals, pulsating nightlife are the first things that come to your mind when anyone talks about Ibiza. Well, in all honesty that is what we went to Ibiza for, just like other revelers from around the globe who flock to this island to party the night away 😉 BUT we left this place with a new image and great memories.

There is a completely different side of this island which has a beautiful countryside, local farmers, historic castles, cobble streets, tons of local art and a welcoming vibe.

Our legs were too tired after dancing until 6 a.m., our body was giving up after back to back pool parties but we decided to do some sightseeing around the elegant Old Ibiza Town and what we experienced was breathtaking. No matter how tired you are but you still gotto dress up.. haha

Look for the day: Hippie Glam AKA Boho-Chic

Rule of Thumb: While packing for the trips, always know the fashion trends of the place you are visiting, so you totally immerse in the crowd and not look touristy. Having said that, Ibiza has very Hipstery and Gypsy vibe to it. Chicas in Spain love carrying long hair with soft beach curls and braids with MINIMAL makeup.

Hairdo for the day: 

Since I decided to go all Bohemian for the day, I teased my crown hair and wrapped it around with a headband from H&M french braided my front hairline, french braided the front hair and tucked it inside the headband. Rest of the hair, soft curled. Add lots of stack rings, bracelets to add to this boho look. You could also pair it with a hat!

Hairband HERE

Shop this whole look with similar styles at the end of the blog




Dress for the day: 

Flowy garments are always a delight to wear in Ibiza. People dress up effortlessly in Spain mixing and matching flowly skirts with crop tops and maxis. I found this perfect asymmetric dress with flattering ends from Glamorous which is one of my favorite brands.

DRESS: Glamorous HERE <3 Similar HERE

Shoe for the Day

When I picked this dress, the next thing in my mind was to get some comfortable sandals that will go with the look. Thanks to the gladiator trend, it perfectly matched with my Urban hipster look.

Gold Gladiator Sandals from ALDO HERE  Similar HERE

Okay Folks! enough fashion talks 😉

Here is the itinerary for the day to this gorgeous town:


Since the old town is built on the hill with the ancient castle at the very top. We decided to start at the base of the Dalt Vila following it’s the way to the top.

                                                    View of Dalt Vila from the Port at the base of the hill


People who know me, can tell food is always my first priority (it’s a lie, dressing up and clicking pictures always comes first.. haha). I always have an extensive list of restaurants and cafés I want to try. Top of the list was this unique café S’Escalinata which translates to “the staircase” styled with color popping beanbags. Cool concept, isn’t it!! 

What better than starting the day with spanish breakfast, sipping sangria overlooking the Mediterranean and creating memories with our friends whom we love to travel with. Dream come true! Best part about this cafe, its open till 3 am 🙂






After lounging for couple of hours, we started heading towards the castle following the staircase. Follow Me to see what’s next 😉

Along the way, you will see the locals doing their daily chores. Walking around this town will definitely give you an idea of how laid back this place is with a peaceful vibe. People are extremely friendly and welcoming, so definitely exchange pleasantries as you walk around.

All the houses had beautiful balconies, doors, gardens, and their own unique decor. Some parts of this town definitely reminded me of India!


We walked up at our own pace and finally reached the Castle of Ibiza. The view from the top is mesmerizing.

This castle is the crown jewel of Ibiza. The winding roads and stairs are worth getting lost in for an entire afternoon.

You will get plenty of opportunities to click pictures with its cobble streets, brick walls, wooden and iron doors. Such a stunner!

Just next to this ancient castle is the Cathedral de Ibiza. Take your time and walk around this area and make sure you stay till the sunset. Because the sunset view over the Mediterranean is just absolutely gorgeous.

My favorite picture of the day


We started heading down, there are no specific routes. Just follow the streets and you will discover the small streets with unique stalls selling fresh foodstuffs – island wines, olive oils, salt, herbs and cheeses. But for those seeking intriguing architecture, colorful paintings, and splendid cuisine, Ibiza Town will not disappoint you at all.

My favorite part of this walk was these cute houses with stone retaining wall covered with green ivy leaves.

As we were heading down, the vibe of the town was gradually changing. From quite laid back village to bustling beauty with live music, tons of restaurants opening for dinner and people pouring it.





Finally when we reached base of the town, it was different ambience compared to what we saw during the day. Hole in the wall restaurants with blue doors and windows, outside seating, white wash walls, what a feeling. It was time for another pitcher of Sangria.

Authentic Tapas/Spanish Restaurants 

La Bodega

La Torreta

Comidas Bar San Juan

Best Wine Bars in Old Town:


Teatro Pereyra

Nostalgia at its peak, as I write this blog and go through the pictures from the trip. It was definitely one of the most memorable trips so far. While I cherish my memories of Spain, you start planning yours. Adiós!!

Recommended Clubs/Pool Parties in IbizaAmnesiaPacha, Space, Ushuaia, Best Pool Parties

 Neighborhood to StayYou have options to stay either in Playa d’en Bossa on the east coast of the island, just south of Ibiza town, which has white sand beaches and hottest clubs of Ibiza OR  San Antonio, very lively town with lots of bars, delicious cafés and world famous pool parties OR in its capital DALT VILA (Old Ibiza town). Being the water babies we are, San Antonio was our choice.


Boho Headbands & Stack Rings

Asymmetric Dress

Gold Gladiator Shoes

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    1. I know right! It is indeed an amazing place. We made lifetime memories on this visit. Totally check out this cafe when you get there!

  3. I love Ibiza! So many people only know the party life there but it is so much more than that. The chill-out side of Ibiza is so beautiful and enjoyable. The weather is usually gorgeous, I’ve only have great weather on my visits.

    1. Absolutely! Most of the time people talk about the crazy party scene in IBIZA but the local arts, delicious food, pretty beaches are just amazing. Thanks for stopping by

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  6. This post is wonderful! Your photography blew me away! I love the “follow me” picture! Ibiza looks amazing! Adding it to my bucket list for sure!

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  7. Hey ..Gorgeous set of pictures . Ibiza is beautiful and on my list now . Love your complete look are such a stunner !!

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