Who am I

After living in NEW YORK, one of the biggest fashion capitals of the world for several years now, I discovered my greatest love – FASHION. It’s what makes me happy, gets me excited and keeps me going. I believe fashion is not about buying luxury brands but it is what you can carry with utmost confidence and swag.

I love playing with my wardrobe, mixing colors, combining styles to get the perfect look and making each outfit, “THE” OUTFIT OF THE DAY.

My second love – Travelling!! No trip is complete without the perfect WARDROBE. Visiting places is not just about making a check-list of to do things or staying at luxury hotels. It’s about making MEMORIES! And the best way to refresh those memories is – those perfect photographs. That perfect dress, that perfect accessory and that perfect smile 🙂

Sharing my daily fashion stories and stylish travel diaries through my blog!!

Come Live the Ritzy Dream

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